Careers in tech for non-tech people

Recently we hosted four excellent panelists from HTC, T-Mobile, Expedia, and Tableau who shared their tips for landing a job in technology…even if you aren’t a computer programmer. You’ll find highlights and insights from the panel below.

Learn the industry! Even if you are aiming for a job in marketing or client relations it is very important to learn key industry concepts and products. Read industry news and publications (everything from TechCrunch and GeekWire to Newton’s Telecom Dictionary depending on your area of interest). Improve the technical skills you do have (Excel anyone?) through tutorials, free classes, and YouTube videos. Try out products, websites and apps.

Hone your non-tech skills. Non-tech skills like communication, problem solving, organization, and collaboration matter! Take the lead in group projects. Practice delegating and communicating within club activities and volunteer roles. See how you might improve a process at work.

Consider multiple opportunities. There may be more than one role within a company that would be a good fit for your skills and experience. The same role in one company may be called something very different in another.

What else to know? Many non-tech internships (for summer) get posted in January and February.

So to recap: do some homework about companies and products, continue to find ways to build your communication, leadership and problem solving skills, and be open to different kinds of internships and jobs within a company.

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl