“Ask an Alum” Mathematical Economics Student to Data Analyst

Parto Shareghi graduated from University of Washington- Seattle in 2016 with a degree in Mathematical Economics. While at UW, Parto was a member of the actuarial club and a first-year mentor. She is now a Data Analyst for Premera Blue Cross. When Parto is not deep in the data, she enjoys hiking and painting. Feel free to connect with Parto about her journey, career, or education at shareghi.parto@gmail.com.


We asked Parto some questions about her career journey and what advice she would give to help launch her fellow huskies to success! Here is what Parto had to say:


In what ways did your UW education support or advance your career?

My career is mathematical heavy so all my statistics class are my savior. I also happen to code a lot and programming languages and mathlab came handy when I first started. To be honest I always hated my Java class and was super upset when I had them but now I appreciate the strong foundation.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in your field?

I LOVE data and story behind them. The insight data can give you for the future business strategies is priceless.

How is your current career the same or different than what you thought it would be when you began college?

I had a long pause between high school and university so I  knew what I wanted to do.

What is something you wish you knew about finding a career while you were an undergrad?

The importance of internship to get a job after college and how easy it is to get internship while u are still in college.

What are top skills your industry is looking for in new hires?

Have critical thinking, be a fast learner and don’t hesitate to ask hard questions

Share an experience where you failed during your professional journey. How were you able to come back from that experience? What did you learn from that experience?

I don’t say it was a failure but recently I have changed my team and in a sense had to “start all over again” . At first it was painful to swallow my ego and ask questions but that is how u learn. At work there are lots of open ended questions without a cheat sheet or tutoring center.


By Izzy Wroblewski
Izzy Wroblewski