Washington D.C.: history, gov & opportunity converge

During my undergrad years (mid 1990s), I very much enjoyed my studies in United States History and Political Science.

In studying history, professors helped me try to understand parts of our nation’s short history (American Revolution; History of U.S. Environmental Conservation; the Civil War; WWIⅈ Pacific Northwest History; the 1960s; Industrial Revolution; Vietnam) in new ways, from perspectives not-very-much-if-at-all emphasized/valued in my K-12 (public school) years.  I now know many years later, what I experienced in college was more of a Howard Zinn’s “A People History of the United States” approach to studying American History.  Needless to say, it changed me (in a good way).

Diving into Political Science was a fun trip as well.  Besides taking poly sci courses, enjoying class debates and writing many papers, I had the chance my senior year to visit Washington D.C. on a short trip with my parents.  Exploring D.C. was fascinating.

Fast forward to today, where I have the privilege to talk with UW students in the Career & Internship Center who pursue so many worthwhile experiences that complement their studies.  One such experience I’ve heard many great things about for many years is interning (in D.C.) via The Washington Center (TWC).  If you haven’t heard about TWC, check out their about us page.  If this interests you, be sure to explore more of the TWC website as well as connect with advisers in the UW Political Science department, who serve as the primary-point-of-contact for UW students (of any major!) pursuing a TWC experience.

Of course, TWC isn’t the only way to have a high-impact experience in D.C. as an intern, volunteer, staff person, activist or student.  If interested in brainstorming ways you can fit a D.C. adventure/experience into your Husky Experience, be sure to let us know.

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach