Blast-from-the-past resource: federal careers blog

Back in 2009 or so, UW (led by staff in the Evans School) landed a two year grant that supported efforts across campus to help students find out about and pursue federal careers.  “UW Making The Difference: Careers in Federal Government” became the name of UW’s chapter of a nationwide effort to elevate federal careers as an attractive choice to students.

One piece to that effort was a federal careers blog I created/maintained.

When thinking about content for this Government, Policy & Law Interest Community I remembered this blog, and even though it’s been asleep for many years, the more I dig back into this resource, the more I am reminded of the relevant insights and stories shared in this blog, from UW students who were interning and pursuing federal careers.  Yes, some of the info is outdated because application processes change and hiring practices evolve, but much of what you can find is in this blog maintains value even in 2016.

UW undergraduate and graduate students we knew of who had interned or worked for federal agencies were invited to serve as ambassadors to the UW Making the Difference campaign.  They shared their stories in the blog and I encourage you to see what they had to say!

In addition to these valuable student perspectives, here’s more to explore:

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach