“Ask an Alum”- Computer Engineering student to Physician

Chester Chan is an alum of University of Washington- Seattle. While at UW, Chester studied Computer Engineering with a minor in Music. He was also involved in Golden Key International Honour Society, research, internships, intramural sports, and various volunteer and music activities.  After graduating from UW, Chester joined the Teach for America corps. This led to him pursing his Master of Science in Teaching from Pace University in New York. His educational adventure continued when he received his Doctor of Medicine from University of Michigan.  Chester is now a Physician at Kaiser Permanente SCPMG in Woodland Hills, CA. Feel free to email Chester to connect about his career or any other questions at chestc@gmail.com

We asked Chester some questions about his career journey, and what advice he would give to help launch his fellow huskies to success! Here is what Chester had to say:

In what ways did your UW education support or advance your career?

“Attending UW gave me the opportunity to grow as a student, leader, and teacher in a friendly and supportive environment. I took classes from a spectrum of disciplines taught by renowned educators and also participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities. While it is a large public university, UW affords opportunities unavailable at smaller institutions.”

What advice do you have for current students looking at stepping into your career path?

“Don’t be afraid to work hard and fail, especially early in your education. Take difficult classes and enrich your world outside of the classroom because these are the skills you’ll rely on in graduate school or your career. It’s not just about getting a good grade.”

Share an experience where you failed during your professional journey. How were you able to come back from that experience? What did you learn from that experience?

“I can recall numerous “failures” during my undergraduate, teaching, medical school, residency, and post-residency years such as having scholarships applications rejected, students acting out during class, achieving disappointing grades and test scores, and having patients do poorly during or after surgery. The key is to not dwell on what has gone wrong but to focus on what can be learned to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.”

What activities do you enjoy outside of your career?

“When I have time, I enjoy running, basketball, and playing piano. My wife and I also have an infant daughter and cockapoo dog, and they keep us quite busy.”

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By Izzy Wroblewski
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