Done with school and not sure what to do?

That is totally okay.

Most students are unsure of what their next step is, or what they want their post-college path to look like. Even the people who seem to have it “all figured out” will likely have a few twists and turns along their journey. Whether you just began to look for a job, are considering graduate school, or need to explore what opportunities are out there – the Career & Internship Center can help.

You have access to our resources for up to two years post-graduation, including 1-1 appointments, drop-ins, mock interviews, Handshake access, etc. And we are open this summer! (9am-4pm, M-F)

Aside from using us as a resource, consider these options:

  • Talk with your network, let them know you are on the job hunt or exploring different career paths. Most people have been through a similar experience, and it’s likely that someone helped them along the way. So when you speak up and ask questions, or request to get connected, that person gets to pay it forward. When you apply for a job through a referral, your chances of landing an interview are much higher!

  • Try to set up a job shadow experience or conduct a career conversation. There’s no better way to learn about a job than to try that job out, or to talk to someone who already does it. Consider it a “test drive” for your potential career.

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with UW Alum! If someone is active on LinkedIn, it’s okay to connect with them even if you don’t know them personally. Usually being a fellow Husky is enough to start a conversation. Use the Alumni Tool to narrow down possible connections by company, location, major, skill set, etc.

Also, explore these articles to get some outside perspective:

Even if you are unsure of where your next step will take you, try your best to at least take a small step. Test drive something, do some career research, talk to someone, and come visit the C&IC this summer in MGH 134!

By Alison McCarty
Alison McCarty Assistant Director & Career Coach Alison McCarty