Welcome Back, Huskies! Preparing for Winter/Spring 2019 Recruitment: Recruiter Tips

Welcome back, Huskies!

We hope you enjoyed your well deserved break and are as excited as we are to be back on Campus for the Winter Term! Looking to find your dream Career or Internship this Winter term? Employers are looking for you too! Read on for 5 things you can do to prepare yourself for Winter/Spring Recruiting!

1. Update Your Resume: If your resume doesn’t include your latest school experiences, relevant coursework, work/internship experience, and education details, its time to make an update! Don’t know where to begin? Utilize your on-campus resources (like the Career and Internship Center!) to help you get started. It may take a few drafts, but it’s worth the effort. Your resume is like your personal billboard, so best practice is to ensure it is truly a representation of YOU!

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile: Like your paper Resume, your LinkedIn Profile is the digital version of your personal billboard. Does your LinkedIn profile speak to who you are, include your resume of accomplishments, both educational, work or internship related, and extracurricular? If the answer is no, best practice is to make an update. LinkedIn is an incredible resource to connect with all individuals, companies, recruiters- make the most of this platform and make it work for YOU!

3. Pursue a Recruiter: Interested in working for a company recruiting on the UW Campus? One of the best ways to learn more, make an impact, and establish a personal connection is pursuing the Recruiter. There are many ways to accomplish this: find their email and send a note of interest, connect with a Recruiter on LinkedIn and express your interest, attend events and make sure to say hello. Allowing a Recruiter to put a face (or an email, or LinkedIn message) to a name amongst a group of candidates can go a long way!

4. Prepare Your Elevator Pitch: What is an Elevator Pitch? It is a brief, persuasive speech you can use to generate interest in a project, idea, product- or in this case, yourself! It should be memorable but succinct, no longer than 20-30 seconds. Utilize those 20-30 seconds to introduce yourself, what you are looking for in a job/internship, summary of your relevant experience, and what you can offer the company. Grab a colleague and practice!

5. Own Those Career Events!: Plan your work and work your plan! Attending a Career Event this Winter or Spring? Map out which employers you want to speak to, or follow up with, before you get to the event. Take some time to research those companies you are interested in and come prepared with some questions. Get ready to deliver that Elevator Pitch! And come with an ample supply of paper Resumes. Enjoyed your conversation with a Recruiter? Send an email or connect on LinkedIn and send a note of thanks and express your continued interest in the company.

Best wishes for a great Winter/Spring recruiting season, and Go Huskies!

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By Valerie Haggerty Schoelkopf
Valerie Haggerty Schoelkopf Sales Recruiting Manager