Are virtual recruiting mechanisms doing what we hope they will?

In a recent op-ed published on the NACE website, Mary Scott summarizes the results of her recent research and help answer questions like:

  • How do students perceive being texted by recruiters?
  • What about encountering recruiting teams on Instagram
  • Oh, and how about those video interviewing platforms?

Short answer: Not always favorably. And what does this tech-savvy group perhaps-unexpectedly miss? The personal connection. Check out the full op-ed piece here and some quotes from student respondents here.

What trends, painpoints or ‘wins’ are you seeing and experiencing as you navigate college campuses and recruit collegiate talent?  How do you harness technology to take advantage of some of the inarguable efficiencies it provides, while still retaining strong face-to-face and personalized elements of the candidate experience?  We’d always love to hear what you’re noticing, and how we can support your efforts on our campus.

By Emma O'Neill-Myers (She/Her)
Emma O'Neill-Myers (She/Her) Associate Director of Employer & Community Connections Emma O