Need a 2-credit class? We offer an Internship Search Strategies course

Are you hoping to find an internship for the summer, but have no idea where to start? Consider registering for the “Internship Search Strategies” course, listed as GEN ST 391-G, #15032. It’s a 2-credit course for sophomores, juniors, and transfer students and it focuses on self-exploration, investigation of internship and career options, and development of an internship search strategy. You will learn how to create effective resumes and cover letters, develop online and in-person networking skills, and grow interviewing skills and confidence.

A few comments on the class from previous students:

“Taking this course is one of the best decisions I made during my college life in UW. I experienced the transition of feeling lost and clueless about the job field at the start of the quarter to knowing the resources I could make use of and acknowledging practices that could increase my chance of obtaining desired jobs”

“I’m really glad I took this course. It has made me feel a lot more prepared for the future and assured me that I am on-track to get to where I want to go. I’ve learned a lot and gotten some good practice networking and interviewing, which is really valuable.”

“I felt like my entire life up to this point I have been going down a path that my parents have seen for myself, but I have yet to find a true passion in that path. This class has allowed me to open my eyes to other possibilities in my life and understand that connecting with people in the professional world in any career field can lead to great opportunities.”

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By Alison McCarty
Alison McCarty Assistant Director & Career Coach Alison McCarty