Applications open for UW + Microsoft Mentors Program

LinkedIn has identified over 4,400 UW alumni working at Microsoft, and they come from all majors and degree programs. For students in the UW College of Arts & Sciences, understanding roles for liberal arts backgrounds at tech companies might seem challenging because there is not a prescribed, linear route for the majority of our majors. This program will change your perspective on what the world of work looks like, not just at a tech company but through the lens and guidance of diverse professionals interested in helping our students better understand professional life after their undergraduate degree.

Mentoring sessions will be held on either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons at the Microsoft campus. If accepted, the ARTSCI 150 course students will register for will include travel time to and from Redmond in addition to the mentoring session time.


  • Mentoring will take place during autumn quarter 2018
  • Students will travel to the Microsoft campus in Redmond for mentor meetings
  • Mentoring will be in small groups of students meeting with a professional at Microsoft
  • Explore topics related to professional preparation and growth, networking and feedback
  • Gain insight and guidance about career paths based on goals, skills, background, strengths and personality
  • This program is not a recruitment or placement program, but a mentoring opportunity to discover relationships between tech and non-technical degrees


  • Only students majoring in the College of Arts & Sciences are eligible to apply
  • For a list of Arts & Sciences majors, check here 
  • Students must be declared in an Arts & Sciences major before the start of the mentorship program
  • Must have completed 3 quarters at UW or transferred to UW with the equivalent credits
  • Students will register for one credit of ARTSCI 150 in AUT 2018, credit/no credit


If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me at

By Jessie Smith (She/Her)
Jessie Smith (She/Her) Assistant Director of Employer & Community Connections