The 2018 Job Outlook for Students

The National Association for Colleges and Employers just released their 2018 Job Outlook for Students! A few notable highlights:

  • The most in demand degrees include Communications, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education as well as STEM and Business.
  • There are a number of employers looking to hire international students for fields such as accounting, information, retail, finance, and consulting.
  • The most important skill employers want is critical thinking and problem solving, followed by teamwork and collaboration.
  • On resumes, employers seek candidates who demonstrate strong communication, leadership, strong work ethic, quantitative skills, and adaptability.
  • How to be a stand-out job candidate: Start your search at the Career and Internship Center, develop experience through internships or leadership opportunities, and practice interviewing.

By Caitlin Goldbaum
Caitlin Goldbaum Career Coach