Upcoming interview but can’t schedule a mock interview appointment?

HuskyJobs presents Virtual Interview Practice

Interviews can be stressful regardless if you have done them before, or you are preparing for your very first one. The appointments to meet with career counselors can fill up quickly. Now, you can log into Husky Jobs and work on your interview skills with the new Virtual Interview Practice (VIP) feature!

You can find the VIP on the left side panel under Student Resources.

Recommended interviews have been created for you and each one can last between 10-50 minutes. You can also create your own interview by selecting questions from a question bank under the My Virtual Interviews tab. When you begin an interview, the interviewer(s) will ask a question and then you will be recorded answering that question.

You can keep the final recording of the interview, watch it to learn and make necessary changes for a real interview. A downloaded interview can be saved to a flash drive and brought in to an appointment or same-day session with a career counselor.

What you need:

  • A laptop or computer with a webcam
  • Quiet space
  • Strong internet connection

When you are preparing to use the VIP, or any upcoming interview, you will want to think of the skills and qualifications the job you are interviewing with desires. Write out the skills and qualifications to then brainstorm 1 to 2 stories as evidence that you have what the employer is looking for. You can use the STAR method to help organize your stories and experiences.

The STAR Method

Storytelling is an important part of a successful interview. Employers want to hear how you navigate certain situations, what you have learned from your experiences, and how you will apply past knowledge in your future work.

Situation: the background (who, what, where, when)

Task(s): the goal or purpose

Action: how you used your strengths and resources to achieve the task(s) (provide detail!)

Result: conclude the story with the outcome. If it was negative, turn that into a positive learning moment.

Good luck with your interviews!

By Andréa Solis
Andréa Solis Career Coach Andréa Solis