Internship Corner – What Skills Do You Want to Develop?

An important part of the internship search process is knowing what skills you have to offer an employer. However, knowing which skills you’d like to develop during the internship is equally important. An internship is a great way to develop skills you need for longer-term career success and there are a couple of ways to explore which skills to pursue through an internship.

First, you can reflect on a few career paths that seem interesting to you, analyze position descriptions to figure out what skills one needs in order to be competitive for entry-level positions in those fields, and then figure out which of those skills you’re lacking but interested in developing.

Second, you can look at a list of career competencies that employers hope new college graduates will possess when they enter the workforce and then decide which of those you’d like to work on through an internship.

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director Briana Randall (She/Her)