Teach for America interview tips

Did you recently get invited to interview with Teach for America?  If so – congrats!  We’re thrilled to hear so many Huskies made it through the competitive application process to the interview round!

Now it’s time to get interview-ready!  The Teach for America Editorial Team has compiled some  tips to help you be well-prepared, confident and ready to be the best-prepared candidate you can be: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your TFA Interview

Not yet applied to Teach for America, but interested in getting a little glimpse into what classroom life is like?  Check out opportunities like the Community Literacy Program, Pipeline Seminars, or the Dream Project to gain first-hand experience working with kids in a classroom setting.


By Emma O'Neill-Myers (She/Her)
Emma O'Neill-Myers (She/Her) Associate Director of Employer & Community Connections Emma O