One week left to apply for Huskies@Work job shadowing program!

Undergraduates exploring career possibilities: take advantage of this opportunity provided by the UW Alumni Association.  If you are curious about particular careers or occupations, find out what they are like through hands-on shadowing experience taking place in November.  Applications are due on October 12th and can be found here.  Connect with a local alum in-person, or learn about careers outside the Puget Sound area through virtual meetings with a non-local alum.


How does matching work?
Alumni will be asked in the application to describe their job, company characteristics and more. Students will be asked to indicate their area of study and career interests. We will use these details to build strong matches among applicants with similar preferences.

Am I guaranteed a match if I apply?
Great question. While we hope to match all applicants, there are many variables involved, particularly the amount of interest among students and alumni in this new program. We will do our best to make as many matches as possible. If for some reason we aren’t able to offer you a match, you will have earlier access to future engagement programming.

When will I hear back about my match?
You will receive an e-mail with match information toward the end of October. Once you receive these details, you can correspond with your student(s) about determining a good date during November.

Is meeting in November required?
While we prefer that you meet during November, as this expectation was shared with all applicants, we also understand that some exceptions might make sense due to your unique schedule. If you are able to meet in late-October or early-December, we support that flexibility.

How much time should I plan for this shadow day?
This can vary broadly depending on industry, job type, location and scheduling. Our hope is that you both (students and alumni) can commit to an appropriate amount of time that would offer a student an accurate snapshot into a day-in-the-life of what their matched alum does for work. Also, if it makes sense to split this time into two or more visits (due to scheduling, logistics and/or availability of interesting work), we support that flexibility as long as the student is able to travel to and from the job site more than once for in-person visits.

I can’t participate this time, when is the next opportunity?
Huskies@Work currently runs twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring.  Applications open in September and March.

How can I learn more?
Get in touch with the Alumni and Student Engagement team at


As a student, what should I expect? And what will be expected of me?
Huskies@Work will offer you a unique, real-world window into your future job, thanks to generous alumni who are volunteering their time to help you. Possible activities include site visits to a company/organization that interests you, interaction with one or more UW alumni and meeting observations. If you are matched with a non-local alum, you can expect to meet with them over Skype, another videoconferencing tool or even a simple phone call.

Similarly, you will be expected to be professional in your communication with your alumni volunteer and their employer, to follow through on your commitments and to represent the UW to the best of your ability. It is important to note that this program is not about you being recruited for an internship or position; rather, it’s about you experiencing a career that interests you and building your connections in that industry.

For more guidelines, read Huskies@Work: I’ve been matched, now what?

What about transportation?
Another great question. Students, you are responsible for possible costs you might incur related to transportation and/or parking.  If you are unable to travel to/from your alums office, we encourage you to explore virtual meeting options over a videoconferencing tool or phone.

What else should I know?
Once you are matched, you will receive details about how to prepare for your day of job shadowing, tips for choosing a good day, suggested questions to ask, what to wear and more.

By Jon Olivera
Jon Olivera Career Coach