Internship Corner – Internships Make a Difference

Each year the UW Office of Educational Assessment surveys alumni 6 months after degree completion.  2,215 undergraduate degree recipients from 2015-2016 responded to the most recent survey.  Here are some interesting internship data points:

  • 57% of respondents completed at least one internship
  • Recent graduates reported that the skills gained from their internships were important to their current jobs
  • Internship participation was statistically related to being employed
  • Among those employed, those who did an internship were significantly more likely to be working in a “career-related” position

Learn more about what the 2015-2016 graduating class is up to here.

By Briana Randall (She/Her)
Briana Randall (She/Her) Executive Director Briana Randall (She/Her)