Your Network is 400,000 Strong

When you chose the University of Washington, you not only selected an incredible place to study; you have also joined a remarkable community that will remain with you for life.  The Husky alumni community.  Alumni from the UW go on to do extraordinary things.  From the Puget Sound to the Broad Sound, from engineers to artists, you will soon be part of a network of diverse alumni who all share one thing in common: a deep care for the University of Washington.

What’s great for you as a current student is that you don’t have to wait until graduation to access your alumni network.  The UW Alumni Association offers many opportunities for current students to engage with alumni, such as job shadowing through Huskies@Work or participating in a Student Career Trek.  You have a unique chance for a jump start on your career with first-hand help from someone who has been in your shoes.

And in case you’re a bit nervous about connecting with someone older than you who has gained career and/or life experience, I have been part of enough student-alumni interactions to let you know that UW alums are eager to help you and still remember how it felt to be a student.  Check out how you can connect with alumni.

By Johnathan Luster
Johnathan Luster