I’m not in computer science, how can I get prepared for a tech internship?

Polish the technical skills you do have. Regardless of whether you are a CS major or not, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate your abilities in a technical interview. Every student should spend time practicing (perhaps short sessions several times per week) leading up to an interview. Cramming the night before is less helpful. Not sure what to do about coding interviews? Consider attending our upcoming Employer Led Workshop on Cracking the Coding Interview!

Side note: Keep taking technical classes and participating in tech experiences: hackathons, clubs, meetups, online practice sites.

Research companies, roles, and opportunities. How to do this? We’ve got several ways this quarter: Employer InfoSessions, the Internship Fair, and HuskyJobs. Plus, the iSchool is hosting it’s Career Fair with lots of tech opportunities. Beyond our campus resources, read tech news online and begin building a list of employers. Remember that technical internships are not just limited to big tech companies. Industries like retail, insurance, transportation, banking, and manufacturing all have technical needs.

Review and practice talking about your tech experiences. You’ll need to be able to share concrete examples in interviews and conversations with employers. Be ready to share what you did and how you accomplished it, whether the experience is from a club, an independent project, or a class. It is important to share the details of what you did to give the most accurate picture of your skills.

Questions about how to find an internship? Don’t know what to put on your resume? Visit the Career & Internship Center for a Same Day Session to get quick questions answered and be sure to check out our lineup of workshops on resumes, internships, and interviewing!

By Catherine Basl
Catherine Basl Career Counselor Catherine Basl