Communications (major and skills) pays off

Thanksgiving is fast approaching (my apologies to all the Canadians for the tardy post), and you may find yourself on this holiday sandwiched between well-meaning relatives who want to know how your year at UW is progressing, what you’re studying, and what you plan on doing with your major.

If you are a communication major, you’re in luck and will have some useful statistics at the ready. The 2016-2017 Payscale College Salary Report ranks the University of Washington’s Communication program #7 (out of 128) for salary potential. There are a variety of factors that help shape a great program that produces competitive graduates, not the least of which are outstanding faculty and courses. The Comm department is also hard at work curating Career Kickstart, a series of career readiness programs and initiatives that includes: career exploration trips to New York and LA, professional development workshops, mentor visits, and a robust database of internship opportunities. All of this results in well educated and career ready graduates entering a robust job market.

It’s no secret that short term salaries for communication and other liberal arts degrees live in the shadow of STEM degrees but this doesn’t have to be the case over time. Accordingly to a recent Wall Street Journal article on earnings, “Liberal-arts majors often trail their peers in terms of salary early on, but the divide tends to narrow or even disappear as careers progress.”

wsj-salary-chartYou’ll be graduating with some critical skills that are in high demand in the workplace. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2016 Job Outlook Report, written and verbal communication skills ranked third and fifth for attributes that employers are seeking on a candidate’s resume.

All of these data will make great food for thought this holiday season.

By Tina Adelstein
Tina Adelstein Career Counselor Tina Adelstein