FBI career paths for students and recent grads

There are many.

Application windows for high-profile organizations or employers like the FBI are usually fairly short and early in the academic year.  For example, the FBI’s Honors Internship Program application deadline is coming up quick … October 14th, 2016.  More info is below.

“The FBI offers internships and entry-level positions in a wide range of disciplines to students of all backgrounds. Our unique opportunities offer students from all walks of life a head start on a career like no other.”

“Discover an insider’s perspective on FBI operations while gaining unparalleled experience with our Honors Internship and Visiting Scientist Programs, or begin a career directly after graduation with our Collegiate Hiring Initiative.”

Beginning a Career with the FBI:

  • Honors Internship Program
  • Collegiate Hiring Initiative
  • Visiting Scientist Program
By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach Patrick Chidsey