Spotlight on IEEE online career resources

Feel like you never know where to find job information specific to your discipline? Professional associations are a fantastic resource, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is no exception. Resources include a career development portal with job search, salary, mentoring, professional development resources as well as a number of online job fairs throughout the year. The next live event is September 21, 2016.

Employers want to know that you not only can do the job, but that you are interested in and informed about the current industry changes and trends. Periodically check out headlines and current discussion topics so that you can converse with others in the field on these topics. Consider subscribing to a newsletter from a professional group, explore the free resources for non-members, or see if the investment in a student membership might open up new opportunities to you.

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Shannon Merchant