Managing and marketing your digital presence

You’ve heard your teachers, parents, and advisers alike caution Millenials and Generation Z on the pitfalls of ‘putting it all out there’ on social media. The vast majority of employers are searching (and sometimes sourcing) for you, and your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are only a few clicks away. What you choose to post now may have longer term implications on your internship and job search.

Consider using social media to your advantage and curating your digital presence into a marketing brand. The Center for Experiential Learning & Diversity offers a variety of resources (workshops, courses, galleries, and links to other resources) to help you get started on curating your experiences and providing evidence of your learning.

Check out the Career Contessa’s Digital You Month with detailed weekly posts on how assemble an outstanding portfolio from start to finish.

By Tina Adelstein
Tina Adelstein Career Counselor Tina Adelstein