Life sciences: research within & beyond UW

Recently on a run along the Burke Gilman trail, I was reminded about the incredible new UW Life Sciences Complex .  If you haven’t seen any plans for this yet or know much about it (like myself!), here’s a useful video providing a “walking tour” of the complex.

Thinking about this addition to our campus community and thinking about the Department of Biology and life sciences @ UW in general, the more I become amazed by the variety and depth of co-curricular experiences students can pursue at UW and beyond.

If you are a bio major or not … if building experience in the life sciences interests you, but you are not sure where to start, consider meeting up with a Career Coach in the Career & Internship Center and/or connecting with one of the awesome Department of Biology advisers.

By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach Patrick Chidsey