Law school or a legal job/career in your future?

Like other big/broad fields such as education, tech, business, law offers many possibilities in the career sphere.

  • How do you know if law is “for you”?
  • Is what we see on TV actually what law jobs are really like?  (hint:  no, it’s TV!)
  • Should you dive right into law school after you graduate, or even go at all?
  • What do law program “look for” in applicants and what legal jobs are there besides attorney, paralegal or judge?

You can find answers and info about all this in lots of ways:

  • Talking with legal professionals (informational interviews, job shadows) and learning about their work, backgrounds and insights
  • Attending events, asking questions, gathering info … like at our upcoming Law School Fair!
  • Exploring info found in resources like the Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Reviewing info in UAA’s pre-law advising page and connecting with student orgs
  • Dig into excellent info and tips from the UW School of Law including UW Law Student Perspectives
By Patrick Chidsey
Patrick Chidsey Associate Director & Career Coach Patrick Chidsey