Service to success: AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America

Whether you are charging, strolling, or stumbling towards a career, a high-impact short-term experience can act as a springboard towards future opportunities.  There are no better places to look for such experiences than AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America.  Consider working with diverse populations within the US or abroad as a way to build up experience, immerse yourself in something unfamiliar and challenging, and to gain an important network of friends, co-workers, and contacts.  Short term commitments within these organizations not only serve to enhance and improve the lives of others, they can expand your understanding of what you are capable of, what major strengths you possess, and what type of work you might want to pursue at the conclusion of your service.  Alums from these three organizations go on to work in vocational fields that stretch from non-profit work to banking.

Both the Peace Corps and Teach for America have UW campus representatives who are available to talk to students in one on one appointments.  To contact the Peace Corps representative click here, and to schedule with the Teach for America representative click here.  For more information on AmeriCorps visit their homepage or contact the Carlson Center to see how AmeriCorp and UW collaborate by bringing service jobs to the region.  To see listings of AmeriCorp programs in our state visit the website of the Washington State Commission for National and Community Service.

Regardless of whether you are personally motivated with a developed career plan, or someone who wants to give back to a community while still contemplating long-term career choices, a tour of duty with any of these three important organizations will serve the dual function of helping others even as it helps yourself.

By Jon Olivera
Jon Olivera Career Coach Jon Olivera