Competition is a strength. And a resume builder.

Learn to work as a team. Create innovative solutions for real-time problems. Work on an international level. Build your cross-disciplinary skills. Win money.

All of these are something you can achieve through pursuit of a design or innovation challenge with fellow students. Choose from a variety of competitions sponsored by local and international companies to build your skills, gain experience, and become a more well-rounded candidate for future pursuits. A few opportunities in which UW students have competed in the past are highlighted below.


Buerk Center Challenges

Dencity Competition

Race to Zero

Deloitte Consulting Case Challenge

Competitions, research, design opportunities and leadership activities are fantastic ways to round out your time at the UW. While internship experience is highly valued by employers, we also know they seek leadership, communication and teamwork skills built through activities such as these. Don’t miss your chance to try something new and exciting while growing your skills and confidence in design.

By Shannon Merchant
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Shannon Merchant