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    • Law schools that are ABA-approved provide a legal education that meets a minimum set of standards promulgated by the Council and Accreditation Committee of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Every U.S. jurisdiction has determined that graduates of ABA-approved law schools are eligible to sit for the bar exam in their respective jurisdiction.
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  • AccessLex Student Loan Calculator 
  • Max Pre-Law Tool – MAX Pre-Law is part of AccessLex Institute’s commitment to improving access, affordability, and value of legal education. It was designed by a team of JDs, financial aid experts, law school admissions professionals and experienced pre-law advisors, with the aim of giving clear, unbiased, actionable information to support aspiring law students. And, this suite of resources is meant to be useful to people with different learning styles and preferences.
  • XploreJD– a free, online search tool offering aspiring law students a data-based approach to finding law schools that best meet their criteria. By answering questions for six primary factors in the law school decision-making process—Location, Cost, Enrollment, Diversity, Curriculum and Outcomes—and prioritizing the attributes that will most impact their decision, they can, with the help of XploreJD’s proprietary algorithm, build a list of potential law school options that fit what they want and need in your law school experience.
  • Analytix– puts law school data into clear and accessible formats, allowing you to readily analyze, research and compare law school-specific information. It also puts the power to benchmark various law schools, display trends, gain crucial insights and fuel independent research right in the hands of those who need it
  • Programs for Diversity 
  • LexScholars- a diversity pipeline initiative aimed at learning more about effective methods for increasing law school diversity by providing more than 1,200 aspiring lawyers with resources and guidance to pursue their goal of attending law school. LexScholars targets prospective law students from underrepresented racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds who possess potential for law school success but may be unlikely to gain admission due to unfavorable LSAT scores and undergraduate grades.

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