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    • Law schools that are ABA-approved provide a legal education that meets a minimum set of standards promulgated by the Council and Accreditation Committee of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Every U.S. jurisdiction has determined that graduates of ABA-approved law schools are eligible to sit for the bar exam in their respective jurisdiction.
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LSAT Preparation

We do not endorse any specific prep course but encourage you to research them to determine which one, if any, is the best one for you


Financing Law School

Diversity in Law School

To Consider if Law School is for you:

Researching Law School

  • ABA– Law Schools by State
  • How I Compare– A cloud based recruitment platform for students to identify their best fit law schools for which to apply
  • LSAC UGPA/LSAT Search– a tool to determine LSAT score and GPA needed to be competitive for the schools you are interested in. Or, you can use this tool to put in your current LSAT score and your estimated GPA at the time of graduation to determine what schools will accept you.
  • Law School Locator (2016-2017) by GPA and LSAT score
  • NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Law School Lists – A massive (searchable) guide of legal education programs in the U.S., including joint degree programs, areas of specializations, and clinic opportunities
  • U.S. News Law Admissions Lowdown– provides advice to prospective students about the law school application process, LSAT prep and potential career paths
  • U.S. News- Best Law Schools Ranked in 2018

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