Where to access laptops and wifi

Are you participating in virtual interviews or virtual career fairs this Fall, but aren’t sure how to access technology or wifi?

Our friends at UW Libraries, compiled great resources to support Huskies in gaining access to technology and wifi, which we’re happy to share with you here:

Once you’ve got your tech questions sorted out, still wondering how to make the most of your upcoming virtual interview or virtual career fair?

  • Virtual Interviews: Check out a variety of tips about interviews generally, and virtual interviews specifically, here: https://careers.uw.edu/tell-your-story/interviews/
  • Virtual Career Fairs: The Fall’s major career fairs will be hosted through the Handshake platform. Check out some great tips on maximizing the Handshake Virtual Career Fair experience by clicking here.  Career Fair RSVP won’t open until later in September – looking for something to do in the meantime? Make sure that your Handshake profile is accurate, up-to-date and ready to go!  It will be key to your career fair experience.
  • Stay tuned for details on additional Fall Quarter resources, workshops and preparatory events to get you career fair-and-interview-ready!

Questions? Contact ccsevent@uw.edu