Career Success Certificate

Get your EDGE in the competitive job market!

The UW Career Center now offers two Career Success Certificates (CSC):  Finding a Good Career Fit and Optimizing Career Success.  Each certificate offers a structured yet flexible plan for optimizing career and job-search success. 

Finding a Good Career Fit:  The better you know yourself and the more you know about different career options, the more likely it is that you will find satisfying work that allows you to excel.  This certificate involves three sections: Strengths & Skills, Self-Exploration, and Career Exploration.

Optimizing Career Success:  A successful job search requires specific, learnable skills such as knowing how to tailor your resume, how to network effectively, and how to conduct an excellent job interview!  This certificate involves completion of four sections: Effective Resumes, Finding Jobs & Internships, Interviewing Skills, and Networking.

 Each Career Success Certificate is flexible and can be completed within one quarter or over an entire academic year -- whatever fits your schedule best.  We recommend that you give yourself at least 2 quarters in order to maximize your options.  You can begin at any time, even as early as your freshman year, so don't wait until the day before you graduate!


Ready to get started?  We hope you'll join us!!

To get started on your Career Success Certificate:

1. Decide which certificate you wish to begin working on (either Finding a Good Career Fit or Optimizing Career Success), and Sign up Here.

2.  Review the requirements for your certificate (CSC Requirements) and select one to get started.  It's that simple!

3.  Keep track of your progress using the appropriate worksheet (Finding a Good Career Fit Worksheet or Optimizing Career Success Worksheet).

4.  Check out our Career Success Certificate FAQs.

 Whenever you have questions or concerns, just let us know.  You can email your questions to or make an appointment with a career counselor.