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There are many ways to support students’ career development.  Below we’ve listed a number of strategies that range in terms of scope and ease of implementation.  If you would like to consult with us about strategies that might work for you and your students, please contact Briana Randall.

Ideas for Your Course Website &/or Syllabus

  • Link to career-related pages on your college or department home page
    • Career webpage
    • Internship webpage
    • Alumni destination webpage

Ideas for Assignments

  • Require students to attend one or more Career Center workshops, employer panels, or career fairs (or offer extra credit for doing so)
  • Include a reflection piece at the end of one or more assignments, with prompts such as:
    • What skills did you use while completing this assignment?
    • What is one way the content of this assignment might be helpful in a work context?
  • Instead of or in addition to the more traditional forms of communicating learning, have students:
    • Submit their work in the form of a memo, executive summary, press release, abstract, policy brief, grant application, etc.
    • Summarize their ideas in 30 seconds
    • Present their ideas for two distinct audiences – an audience of experts and an audience of lay citizens

  • Offer students the opportunity to choose paper/project topics that relate to their:
    • Co-curricular activities (internships, service-learning, leadership roles, etc)
    • Career interests
  • Invite a Career Center staff member to come and speak for any length of time. 
    •  2-5 minutes – to introduce the Career Center and announce specific events
    • 30-90 minutes - to facilitate an entire workshop on a topic of your choice, tailored to your discipline
  • Invite an alum from your department to speak about his/her career and to give career-related tips to students (or invite several alumni and have a panel discussion!)
  • Invite a representative from a company (or agency) that is known to hire students from your major to give advice to students about how to make themselves competitive for positions

Ideas for Your Office

  • Ask to be added to our Major Event distribution list – we will bring you postcards, posters, and tabletents advertising major upcoming events (such as our annual Internship Fair).  Contact our Events Manager, Donna Chen.
  • Collect and showcase resources regarding how your discipline relates to various career paths